I love to collect my wrapping all year long. The places I haunt are Homesense, Chapters, Marshalls Winners and sometimes I stumble upon it in my travels in some pretty random places. I like to be prepared and don’t love traditional Christmas wrapping. Paper Ya in Granville Island has some amazing silk ribbon and paper as well but I try to do it way before the season has arrived. I also love the Cross for some of my ornaments, ribbon, tags and beautiful wrapping papers.I put together a little tutorial on how I am wrapping all my special gifts.

  • Make sure you have enough workspace, then roll out the wrapping paper. Be sure you have enough paper to fit around the entire gift. I always measure, leaving a few extra inches to be sure you are completely covered.
  • Once the paper is cut to the right size, place your gift face down in the middle of the paper. Bring paper from the long side of the box, up to the middle of your package. Pull both sides tightly so the paper hugs your package smoothly, and tape closed.
  • Next, you need to close the ends. Face the open end towards you and fold the right and left edges, pushing the sides in next to your box, to form flaps.

  • Fold top flap down to the box, pulling tightly, and tape. Fold the bottom flap up tightly and tape. Repeat on the other side.
  • Measure your ribbon by lining it up with the box and leave extra for the bow.
  • I like to add a cute Christmas ornament ( my daughter has a donut business)
  • Add a little greenery for a pretty touch. Courtney XX

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