Hello beautiful people. Love is in the air!! I am a total romantic like a lot of us girls; as for the men, they might need a little help in this area. Well, I got them covered with some simple online shopping links, so you know how special they are. Happy wife, happy life, so true!

My husband was so romantic when we first starting dating because we had more time to focus on ourselves. Now that we have this little family, we need to make more of an effort and take time out for us. After all, we are the pillars of our family. Dating your husband is so important, I can’t stress that enough. Maybe it is just a walk, a trip to the mall or a coffee at your favorite spot, make some time to reconnect and remember all the things you love about him. We often spend our time socializing with other couples; this will not give us the connection we all need to keep those fires burning.

In 2017 we skipped right over our 12 year anniversary due to a hockey tournament and two concussions, but we are going to make up for that. When I owed Stella Bleu Home my husband, and I would travel to NYC for buying trips, I miss our time together there and the city. I used to call that trip the “Marriage Saver”!.:) We would always go for a week, do the show and then explore cool restaurants, shopping, museums, exercises classes and cool places like bathhouses. We love ABC Home and would spend the day shopping all its floors and have a farm to table lunch in ABC Kitchen. Ah, gotta get back there soon!! We are planning a work trip and a little leisure to San Francisco this time and I am secretly hoping we can tag on a night in Sonoma. I have been to Napa many times, but I love Sonoma these days. The wineries are not overly busy and a little more quaint. The small town of Healdsburg is where I like to stay, such a great little community with delicious farm to table eats, lots of prosecco wineries (my fave), and fabulous shopping. My favorite spot for brunch and lunch is The Shed, where you can eat, shop, gather and learn, yes they offer cooking classes too. Now, this is the kind of romance that gets my heart aflutter. Such a beautiful setting, how can love not be in the air. So do something special with your lover this Valentine’s and make no excuses, you will not regret it, trust me.

Courtney XX




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