I don’t know about you, but I have the sweetest Sun Gold Tomatoes this year, they taste like candy. So in honor of this ” To Die For Crop” I created two simple, beautiful salads that will blow yer hair back!!I just used a simple french vinaigrette from The Stock Market in Granville Island and some beautiful field greens, so the Sungolds take center stage.
The second one has truffles in it, that said, it is something you can omit. I love truffle anything so that I will take extra, lol. This super delicious salad will not only impress the hubs, but your family and guests will love it too. Not sure about the kids, but in my case, they don’t even like real food, so screw it, this one’s for us! I had my youngest boy Brody help me make the zucchini¬†zoodles, and he ended up liking the salad, so it was a win, win. This salad is super healthy, and you should have plenty of pesto left over to create some other fabulous dish.

Courtney XX


What you will need
2 cups of Sungold Tomatoes
5 cups field greens
marigold petals
For a non-vegan option, you can add some Parmesan
You can make your french vinaigrette from scratch or use a store bought one.
Salt and Pepper to taste and toss. It is that easy and presto; you have your first salad.





What You Will Need

1 Medium Yellow Zucchini

1 Medium Green Zucchini

1 Cup of Sungolds

1/4 of a cup of Pesto

Two tablespoons of White Truffle Oil

I have a hand held zoodle maker, but there are some bigger countertop ones that work well too. I like to get this salad ready a few hours before I plan to serve it so that the zoodles are completely marinated. Use as much of your zucchini as you can and add them to a large mixing bowl. Cut your sun golds in half and add all the ingredients to the zoodles. Toss it around evenly and refrigerate. I like to garnish with a bit of fresh basil. Very simple, but delicious side to any summer meal.

Courtney XX


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