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KETO (Ketogenic) Lifestyle

Hello Friends, I have become passionate about self-care over the past few months and feel that diet is crucial in the equation. I was so stuck, I had tried every fad diet out there, and none of them kept the weight off or were enjoyable, for that matter. Some foods even made me gain weight. I am a girl that cannot do powdered shakes of any kind unless it is...

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Creamy Pesto Chicken (Keto Friendly)

Hi there, Many of you know that I have been active in living a Keto lifestyle since the middle of February. Do you remember when I was wholeheartedly vegan? Well, that bombed for me. It was not my first attempt to go vegan but will have to be my last, unless my body chemistry changes. I guess it could happen as the change of life is just around the corner, lol....

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