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Hello, I don't know about you, but I have the sweetest Sun Gold Tomatoes this year, they taste like candy. So in honor of this " To Die For Crop" I created two simple, beautiful salads that will blow yer hair back!!I just used a simple french vinaigrette from The Stock Market in Granville Island and some beautiful field greens, so the Sungolds take center stage. The second one has...

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Summer Smoothie Bowls

Summer is the perfect time for these smoothie bowls, and they are sure to keep your bikini body looking great. They make a great poolside breakfast or lunch while cooling and slimming you down. I mix mine with my favorite protein powder ( Vanilla By Isagenix) but feel free to use which ever one you love. I like to mix up my flavors and toppings, so I never get bored of them....

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Quick Beef Bourguignon

Happy Monday!Here is your post Mother’s Day one pot wonder. Your family will not regret all the time and moolah they spent on you after enjoying this dish. It's straightforward and easy to make but will impress the masses.If you are anything like me your busy, busy, busy and with all the energy spent on work, school, and sports. I feel my family needs a good quality dinner.I love to...

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