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Summer Smoothie Bowls

Summer is the perfect time for these smoothie bowls, and they are sure to keep your bikini body looking great. They make a great poolside breakfast or lunch while cooling and slimming you down. I mix mine with my favorite protein powder ( Vanilla By Isagenix) but feel free to use which ever one you love. I like to mix up my flavors and toppings, so I never get bored of them....

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Faux Krispy Kreme Doughnuts…… My Way

    My sons Elphinstone Camp fundraiser was coming up and I wanted to do something fun and delicious. I had always wanted to make doughnuts so the bake sale seemed like the winning opportunity. I had so much fun doing it and thought I would share the recipe with you. Get your kids involved in the decorating too. It was really quite easy and the only thing that took time...

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