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Who doesn't love baking with pumpkin?! My boys love everything from pumpkin pie, pumpkin seeds to these delicious salted caramel pumpkin pie cookies. I love to get them involved in baking with me. It's a perfect time to bond with your child and sharpen their math skills too. I think it's a 1-1 ratio of cookie dough in the mouth to what ends up in the oven:) This spells success to...

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What A Wonderful Time of Year

I am truly enjoying decking the hall, trimming the tree and baking some goodies with my little boys this season.This is such a special time of year for us to enjoy time at home with the ones we love. We have done all kinds of crafts, gingerbread houses and a trip to the Christmas train in Stanley Park. I decided to start it a little early this year so we...

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