As a boutique design firm founded in 2010, Courtney Betts Designs provides personalized services in a specialized manner. Whether your interior design project is a large-scale commercial overhaul, or you wish to redesign your residential space, we offer you custom designs that provide an individualized appeal.

Remodeling Design Services

  • Architectural Assistant …we work alongside your architect to ensure your creations come to life in both a functional and fashionable manner, and that the attention to detail reflects your vision.
  • Contractor …we spearhead the necessary hired-help to get your project done right the first time.
  • Project Management …we orchestrate the tradespeople necessary to execute your interior design project effectively.
  • Draft Space Planning Solutions  …we implement optimal traffic patterns and feng shui methodology.

Interior Design Services

  • We create design boards displaying: furnishings, paint samples, wallpaper ideas, and all other design elements – offering a visual representation of our end-result.
  • We provide decorative and finishing materials, pulling together art and accessories for a chic and polished look.
  • We display tile selections and designs for a variety of applications.
  • We harness resources that are not available at local retailers, delivering you with unique home décor options.
  • We offer the revamping and upcycling of old furnishings to create an old-world appeal, with a chic modern twist.

Custom Design Services

  • Custom built-in shelving
  • Custom cabinetry
  • Trim detail
  • Custom lighting & fixtures

Courtney Betts Designs is a bespoke service providing private consultations with ongoing  assistance to meet your needs. With a focus on developing an open dialogue, and understanding her clients’ desires, she creates a framework that allows your design vision to become a realization.

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