Well, this has been a long time coming. I have been struggling a little bit with my photos as I use a photographer for most of them but have been hard at work teaching myself how to take my own. It is like a labor of love, I do enjoy photography, but computers and I don’t always get along. I am no computer geek, but my skills are getting better all the time. The editing process can be very creative, but there is so much to figure out. Well, I hope you like where I presently am in my youtube education.

If you watch my Instagram stories, you know I have been organizing like a pro and a crazy person. I especially love having my kitchen as neat and tidy as possible, so I feel inspired. This brings me to my pantry. I spent 4 hours on this, and I am ecstatic about the outcome. I collected baskets, glass jars, and canisters so I could remove most of my dry goods from their plastic packaging. I hear that the toxins in the plastic leach into your food which can make you sick. This is something you should think about as well. I love how pretty all the jars look with their labels. I bought my custom gold handwritten labels from a company called ” The Home Edit.” I gave them the info I wanted on each label, the style and color and in a few short weeks, they were here and as fabulous as they look online. I adore their website; it is full of great ideas for organizing any space in your home. You need it organized; they have what you need. I only bought the labels from them but also just ordered some turntables for my lazy susans.

Where I currently have my pantry is in my laundry room right off the kitchen. This used to be a coat closet that I had transformed into shelving done by Elite Closets.I move the coat closet into the spot that they originally made for the pantry by putting a bar up and shelving for hats and gloves. This is working so much better, and I wholeheartedly recommend them for their work and pricing.

I love opening my pantry now, it’s so pretty and makes me feel really good.

Hope you get some good ideas.

Courtney XX



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