Last week I found the cutest doormat for a mere $20 at Target, what a steal. Fall is coming, and I needed and wanted to change things up a bit. I always get new fall plants in my pots and usually add a mum to the mix. I love white flowers and rarely plant anything else, but sometimes white mums are hard to find. When ever I cave and go for rust, yellow or burgundy, I am over them in a week or two. So I have learned to just go with something else in a white and I am always esthetically delighted. My Husband finds this boring so I am only able to control the front stoop. Everyone else in the family loves color so I can’t be a complete Mommy Dearest about it. Don’t get me started on the Christmas lights and the blow-up characters in the yard. I just can’t bring myself to not let them have a little fun despite my desires. I have this ” Home Sweet Home” and like I said, $20. Hurry up and get one as these with go fast. At that price, we can afford a new mat at each and every door.

Courtney XX                                                                                                                  OneTwo Three Four Five Six








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