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I have become passionate about self-care over the past few months and feel that diet is crucial in the equation. I was so stuck, I had tried every fad diet out there, and none of them kept the weight off or were enjoyable, for that matter. Some foods even made me gain weight. I am a girl that cannot do powdered shakes of any kind unless it is pure bone protein. There is way too much sugar in most powdered shakes, but the good news is that I can make a delish shake from scratch.

My concerns started a year ago when I went to the doctor for a comprehensive physical where they even did an ultrasound of my organs. I had told him I was an avid exerciser my whole life but had been struggling the last eight years with my weight. Once he received the blood work back, he could tell immediately why. Stress was one problem, and blood sugar was another. He asked me if consumed a lot of sugar the day before the test and the answer was no, but I had, had some carbs. He then told me that most carbs turn into sugar in your body and I might want to look at the Keto lifestyle. I was excited to check it out, but it made me extremely nervous. I grew up in the era of low-fat diets, and he wanted me to eat the exact opposite, this was a bit scary at first, not going to lie!!! My brain had been trained to avoid fats. In fact, I would never eat macadamia nuts because of the fat content, and now I eat them every other day.


The Ketogenic diet is a high fat, low-carbohydrate, moderate-protein way of eating. If you eat the standard Canadian or American diet you can expect you glucose levels to rise, pancreas to secrete insulin, then the insulin shuttles glucose into the cell, and you get your energy. If you are eating a Keto diet which is high fat, your glucose levels fall, you release, stored fatty acids, fatty acids travel to the liver and the liver produces ketones which become your energy.

Once you start Keto, it will take up to a week for you to get into Ketosis and the most inexpensive way to test it is the urine strips. You can also purchase a blood glucose and ketone monitor (my next purchase) but are pretty expensive. You also might experience some flu-like symptoms aka. The Keto Flu. Don’t stress; this is perfectly normal. You will need to up your sodium and electrolytes, and the flu shall pass. I use Biosteel as it is sugar-free for adding extra electrolytes I would also let your Dr. know you are going to do this and would like a blood test before starting, this way you have a base-line and you can figure out whether the Keto lifestyle is for you.


You will be eating lost of cheese or cashew cheeses, avocados, coconut oil and so many different nuts.


Suzie’s Good Fats bars, nuts, cheese strings, pickles and nut butter make great, easy on the go snacks.

Chia seeds, leafy greens, eggs will become staples in your  Keto lifestyle. Heck, butter and whipped cream are your, friends, as long as you are not dairy sensitive.

This book is the one I started with and does an excellent job explaining The Ketogenic Diet without over-complicating the process. Can be found on Amazon, Simply Keto.


We use the zucchini noodles every week to make hot and cold dishes. I use a mandoline for making a larger pasta noodle.

I will be posting some Keto meals and non-Keto for special occasions, Girls gotta have a cheat day but I will warn you that you lose your sugar cravings and find it so sweet when you do indulge.:-)

Courtney XX


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