Hello There,

This year I didn’t go crazy with the holiday decor because we are spending it away but I did have a little fun with it. I decided to get a small tree from Wholefoods, which they called a tabletop tree, about 3′ tall so we would have that beautiful fresh pine smell in our home. I just love the scent, and it instantly transcends me into that cozy, loving feeling of Christmas. I didn’t decorate it and will be planting it in the yard but really just wanted that familiar smell.  I just love Christmas, so as lucky as I am to be in the tropics I am missing my cozy Christmas at home. I tried to make the first 20 days of Christmas fun and tradition-filled so we didn’t miss out on it all.



I hope you all have fun decorating your homes this year, although I didn’t have 4 trees this year I really had fun.

Courtney XX



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