Hello, my friends,
This post has been a long time coming. As you know, I have been quite busy raising my children, being a wife and so unfortunately for you; this comes first in my life. In the midst of all of that, I was found I was lost and making comparisons of myself to others. I discovered I was separating from my truth and disconnecting from love and the universe. If you watch my Instastories, then you know that this has been an ongoing struggle for me to balance it all. I was exposing myself to negative relationships that were judgemental and unsupportive. This only enhanced the grip I was losing on my life’s purpose. What I mean by this is I was allowing others to tear down the beautiful parts of me you have all grown to know and love. This relationship made me look inside and ask myself ” How did I let this happen”? This feeling brought me to a complete and total halt!!!

The following weekend the love of my life and I took a trip to San Francisco to try and learn about Dyslexia as my younger son possesses this gift. During this workshop is where it all began to change for me. I went there to learn about him and found myself learning about me. Through this workshop, I became aligned, and the universe started to send me very intentional messages I could not ignore. Now, this might sound silly to some and believe me; this took me by complete surprise even though I am a self-declared self-help junkie. The workshop is comprehensive and intense but also quite meditative. This brought me to my mind, body awareness and how negative my beliefs and views on Dyslexia were.I feared that my child was not going to have the same chance at life, boy was I wrong. I discovered that my judgments were fear based with no facts to back them up. Once I  learned that Dyslexia is truly a gift when harnessed and used in the right way, my fears evaporated, and I was left with love, compassion, and understanding. Through the Davis Method, we learned it is something you can control with your mind through orientation or alignment and working with clay. Did you know that dyslexics see in pictures? Seeing in pictures is a much faster way of thinking making it far more efficient. So of the most brilliant minds and athletes like Albert Einstien, Wayne Gretzky, Cher, Richard Branson and so many more successful people. Wow, how profound. I left feeling so empowered and connected but also curious about my previous judgments.Why did I think this was a bad thing? How will this new found mindfulness impact the rest of my life? I could feel the change upon me, and I was genuinely pumped. I began to pray and ask for help and guidance.
That evening I was on my phone looking at Instagram when a book called ” The Judgement Detox” by Gabrielle Bernstein came up. I immediately took this as a sign and downloaded the audiobook from apple books. I was so amazed at how it sounded as if this was me telling my story; there were so many parallels that I couldn’t ignore. I couldn’t and can’t get enough of it; I have now listened to it, in its entirety, three times. This was a book I need at this time; this is when my transformation began. I started asking for more signs from the universe, and they just kept coming in, all day long. Day after day I have been guided down these amazing paths of self-discovery. I bought the hardcover book as there are many practices and assignments that I needed it for.

Here is an example of what happened to me that made me a true believer in these miracles. I was feeling a huge void in my life after my beloved dog passed last October but also had a huge loyalty to his memory. I sent a message through my spirit guides asking him to send me a sign in the form of an eight if it was time for me to welcome another dog into our family. When I received the eight from him, I decided to surf Kijiji, and to my surprise, there was a litter of beautiful Pomskies puppies for sale. By that evening we were in Richmond visiting them. There was one that stood out but didn’t have the beautiful markings of a husky we thought we wanted. His love and attentiveness towards all of us was so familiar and pure; we couldn’t shake it well after we left. The next morning I asked my spirit guide to send me the sign in the form of an eight if this was the right time. Five minutes later the owner of the puppies shoots me a text asking what our decision was. His phone number leaped off the page because there were five eights in it.  Wow, I thought, this is so cool, it’s my sign, but I still felt I needed more reassurance (something I am working on, lol). I had one last question that needed to be answered by my late dog Hunter. I asked him if this was the dog we were meant to have could he send me a sign in the form of an eagle.That afternoon we drove to Richmond, and I still hadn’t received my sign, but we all felt very strongly that this was the puppy choosing us. As we get in the car with our new family member we drove a hundred feet; my husband declares “Look at the eagle” and next thing we know there is a beautiful eagle hovering over our windshield with its 6′ wingspan in full view for what seemed like 30 seconds.  I told my husband of my request to Hunter, and although slightly skeptical he found it quite profound and interesting.We continue on the road and then round the corner to see hundreds of eagles hanging in the trees. I knew this was no coincidence; this was indeed miraculous. Since then I feel his presence around me all the time, he is one of the seven spirit guides that has come to me when I am in deep meditation. Steel is so much like Hunter it is bonkers, we couldn’t feel happier or more blessed.

Gabby also introduced me to meditation. I used to tell myself that I couldn’t do it, I was too hyper to sit still, little did I know that it was precisely what my hyperactivity needed. I started out slowly by only doing ten minutes and increasing it little by little, and I am now up to twice a day for 30 minutes. Meditating brings me so much peace, forgiveness, love, and clarity but has also forced me to take a look at my deepest fears. I have learned that where fear exists love does not. I was manifesting all kinds of worries in all areas of my life and seemed to be utterly unaware of this significant blockage. These issues have not changed overnight, and I am still, and always will be a work in progress. I now know how to release those thoughts and replace them with positive affirmations. Happiness is a choice; it is not something that happens to you.

I then moved on to her previous book “The Universe Has Your Back,” and this took me to the next level. What I love about these books on audio is that when I am feeling stuck I; listen to a chapter and I am once again, aligned with the universe and I am choosing LOVE! Through this process I am faced with a question about myself, What is my purpose? What is my true calling? This question is a blessing but brings up a lot of fear. I am determined to be faithful in this practice and wherever it may lead me. Trust in the universe; it has your back!
I have been reading this books in backward sequence and would suggest that you start with her very first one “Add More Ing To your Life” and move your way down all 7. Gabrielle is also working very hard on releasing another brilliant book and should drop very soon. On her website, she has meditations, affirmations and a blog which I love and look forward to seeing in my inbox.
I have now committed myself to reading all of her books in the order they were written. I identify with her language and her life’s challenges, and I hope you will get as much out of her writings as I have thus far.

Podcasts are huge to me right now as well. In fact, I discovered Gabby Bernstein through another self-help guru Lori Harder. Lori’s podcasts are amazing and she has a tribe of women around her, from all walks of life, that are so inspirational. Oprah’s Supersoul conversations are fantastic and beyond inspiring as she takes a look at some of the most influential people and dives into their daily rituals and mindsets. I hope you find some of this useful and remember, The Universe has your back.

All my Love,

Courtney XX

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